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In Disruption Labs we believe in good design and live by the code. We specialize in building custom solutions for different sectors, catalyzing processes and ideas that generate global impact. Our priority is the user, we use tools and multidisciplinary methodologies to provide the best experience.

Disruption Labs | Design


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  • Brand Design
  • Information Design
  • UI/UIX
  • Iconography
Disruption Labs | Development


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  • Web Responsive
  • Web Fron-End
  • Back-End
  • Deployment
  • Integrations and workflows
  • DevOps
Disruption Labs | Mobile


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  • iOS
  • Android
  • Multiplatform
Disruption Labs | Consulting


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  • Design
  • Cloud architecture
  • Multiplatform solutions


We started as a small company, so we know what it takes to keep growing. Depending on the stage of your business, we can offer design and development solutions that help you transform your idea into a real product.

  • Minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Definition of scope
  • You decide


We are a company aware of its social and environmental responsibility, for that reason we have worked on different projects with NGOs worldwide. We offer our services to support initiatives that create an impact on human communities and the natural environment.


We offer design and development solutions tailored to companies from different industries. In every project we dare to experiment with new ideas to deliver the results your business needs.

  • Personalized e-commerce
  • Administrative modules
  • You decide


We have worked as a technology partner in the execution of several public tenders. We can accompany you at all stages of the project life cycle.

  • Definition of scope
  • Technical documentation
  • Management and implementation
  • Operation
  • You decide
Disruption Labs | Juan Rey - C.T.O.




Systems and Computer Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes and currently undergoing his thesis for the masters program of Systems Engineering at the same university.

He has more than three years of experience as an employee and entrepreneur. He is passionate about development, always at the forefront of technology, adopting new tendencies and applying them to current projects.

Disruption Labs | Juan Galvis - C.C.O.




Graphic Designer who graduated from UTADEO in 2010. With more than 9 years of experience in the medium as employee, operator and freelancer.

Before graduating he started working independently for different brands and companies. Plant designer and machine operator at Creative Group Ltda. Final Art Director and Art Director at Love now (ToroLove).

Disruption Labs | Carlos Omaña - LEAD DEVELOPER




Computer and Software Engineer and Industrial Engineer (Universidad de los Andes) with Masters in Systems Engineering and Computer Science (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana).

Software engineer, IT consultant and entrepreneur. Extensive experience in the private sector as a software engineer and in the public sector as a contractor. I.T. project manager, full-stack and mobile (Android) developer.

Disruption Labs | David Flórez - Co-founder.




Business major at the Universidad de los Andes. With four years of experience in tech companies and the financial sector.

His journey into entrepreneurship has led him to experiment various areas such as: public relations, marketing, product and business development. Even in the development of web applications.


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